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The following stories are Jane Austen fan fiction placed in modern time. The order for the series is How to win the Heart of a Poet, DreamWeaver, Enigmas, Scotland. The first three stories need rewrites and no links are here at present, but Scotland can be read as a stand-alone story. You don't need to read the others to follow it, although it is a past life experience of the characters from the other stories.

All stories are written by and property of Dawn R. unless another author is indicated.




In a New York Minute


The Bitter One


This story is the first incarnation for Jane and Charles from the How to win the Heart of a Poet series. The setting is Scotland in the year 1427. Many of the characters from the other stories join them as they find each other for the first time. Warning: This story will contain adult situations and content.

Rated R

Chapters 1-7

Chapters 8-10

Chapters 11-13

Chapter 14-Epilogue

A short story where two people meet for the first time across a subway platform.

Rated for All

In a New York Minute

...People had been contemplating her attitude change since she returned from the war. Even those with the vaguest memories of her noticed that she was not the same young woman she once was...

Rated PG-13

The Bitter One



How to Win the
Heart of a Poet
Coming Soon

Creative experiences that only fiction can compete with have molded Elisabeth Bennet into the woman she is today. Successful at business and creative by nature, she is an unique individual who has overcome great adversity. When she meets William Darcy, a man she once believed could only exist in her imagination, can she forgive the past offences of others to open her heart to him?

Rated R


Coming Soon.

When one is as physically beautiful as Jane, few can understand how her life can be less than perfect. Surely a pretty face means a fairytale world for her to live in. A broken marriage to a domineering husband has left Jane on her own for the first time with a newfound confidence that is easily shaken. Moving back to Chicago to be close to her family, Jane is faced with a prospect she fears most—being drawn to a truly good man whose mere touch feels familiar and safe.

Rated R


Coming Soon.

… Olga listened intently as small bits of information she had never heard were released during Jane's explanation. The fairy bed, the pain Zoya was in when she finally woke Vladimir during her miscarriage, and the intense love they had were laid out before her. Jane did not hold one expression back, including the more intimate moments from her dreams. Everything was told and when Jane's voice fell silent, Olga knew she had Zoya sitting on the divan next to her…

Rated R


Characteristics of a Misunderstanding

There are times when first impressions are unreliable at best. A short story where two people discover that there is more to the other than meets the eye.

Rated NC-17

Characteristics of a Misunderstanding



Families love, families protect one another, and sometimes the responsibility one feels to family can be all consuming. Somewhere along the way, Elizabeth Bennet has lost herself to this notion of duty, as her brother is being groomed to inherit her family estate.

Rated R

Prologue-Chapter Three

Chapter 4-5


Pictures of me

Cancun Vacation 2005


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