Cancun 2005


The first two days of our vacation it rained. Everyone kept telling us 'It never rains here', but I beg to differ on that one. The third day the kids went swimming with the dolphins, and the forth was more to my liking...nothing but beach.

On the beaches of Cancun vendors travel around, selling everything from carved masks to parasailing rides. After last year, the kids and I all agreed that no one wanted to get on a jetski with their dad ever again. So, when a vendor selling parasailing rides came up to him, their dad flipped out his wallet and bought them both tickets. I declined to go because I have better sense than that.

The kids...with their trepidation intact.

See that man pointing up to the sky?
Well he's telling the kids about parasailing.
My son doesn't look convinced that this may be the best of plans, and it seems as if his sister isn't paying a bit of attention to the instructions. That should make for a fun trip.

Bye kids...have fun!

While the kids ride out with a stranger to some boat to wait their turn to be hoisted up into the air with only a cable and a parachute to keep them from crashing into the ocean, Mom and Dad waited on the beach...our attention fully focused on the moment...


Errr...Is concern not written all over my face?
I could barely finish my beer.


And here's dad holding up the wall with..count 'em...three empty cups in his hand.

Hi Kids! We're watching you...

There they are!  They made it up AND back down again safely.  I'm happy to report that we returned from our vacation with two kids--no more, no less--and they thought parasailing was just 'okay.'  I guess after you've been on a jet ski with dad driving like a man possessed, it raises the bar on what you consider exciting...or dangerous.  Next year...swimin' with the sharks!  That will get the blood a pumping.


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