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Dawn on New Years Eve 2004/2005

This picture was taken New Years 2004/2005 at a friend's party. I had been up since 3:30 AM that day and had worked 12.5 hours. Oye! I have no idea why my hand has black on that but I think my son did it when he was trying to take out the red eye (which BTW did NOT come out...could have been the lack of sleep.)

Dawn's nest where it all happens...

My DH calls this area my 'nest' because the area is usually cluttered with open CD cases and empty Diet Coke bottles. This is where I write and create all sorts of messes.

The tartan hanging on the right is my family Muir plaid. The Frank Lloyd Wright glass at the upper left is one of my favorites. I have my Chanter (musical instrument used pre-bagpipes) is next to my Jane Austin complete novels book, which is next to my dictionary that I obviously don't use enough since it's too much fun making my own definitions for words.

There is a hand written note on my monitor that says "Focus and Complete" which I attached while writing the William/Elisabeth reunion chapter of the story Scotland because I was daydreaming too much. Under it I wrote later "Love eternal will not be denied" which a line from a Moody Blues song that reminded me of Keiron/Janetta.

The keyboard at the bottom right died April 2005. Writing Scotland has caused the demise of two mice (hum...mouses?) and one keyboard so far.

And finally, Happy Bunny Spaz Juice--a Red Bull can with my favorite bunny on it--I love them both!


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